Wonder Women

Am I Wonder Woman? I do have the outfit in the loft (my 30th birthday party costume), although I don't tend to wear it on a daily basis and I don't have super powers as such but at times I really feel like I am.  Juggling a part-time office manager role, virtual PA work, once a... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day – dedicated to my husband

The history books give various reason as to why we celebrate Valentines Day but the cynical side of me feels it is just a total waste of money, that we are being taken advantage of as consumers. We are bombarded with valentines day related advertising showing us trips we should be taking and gifts we... Continue Reading →

Can we have it all ?

I have been reflecting on my life recently and the whole concept of having it all. Of course everyone's interpretation of  'having it all' is very different but for me it is about having a family, friends, a social life, my own home and a career.  The people I admire are the people who pursue all... Continue Reading →

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