The Gift of Life

I try not to think about death too much, having a strong tendency towards morbid thoughts means it is better pushed to the far extremities of my mind. Right now however, I am compelled to take my head out of the clouds and teeter on the edge of death for a moment, for the greater good. Have you ever thought about what you want to achieve before you die or how people will remember you? Until now it has never been a concern of mine but recently I have been inspired by a young woman who is desperately trying to stay ever present, struggling just to stay alive. In death for me, my most important desire is simply that my children remember me as a mum who made them feel safe and loved, who left them with countless fond memories of family time together. I’ve never wished to build an empire or to leave a huge legacy, but imagine if your only wish was as small as being able to take your baby to the park to play on the swings. This is Ashley’s wish right now because this simple act is so far out of her reach. If you don’t know who Ashley is have a look at her Facebook page Ashley’s Next Breath or her Twitter @sayidonate
Ashley is Texan born, living in London with her husband Alastair and their 15 month old son Emerson. She suffers with Cystic Fibrosis, a life limiting condition for which there is no cure at present. Ashley needs a double lung transplant and with her drastically deteriorating health, the need for the transplant is more urgent than ever. She needs a donor and while it may be something you have thought about and are happy to do, it is not the thought that counts in this instance. Without registering and telling your loved ones, this means nothing. You can achieve something in your death that surpasses any goals you may have in life. You could save a life, you could save several lives. Someone out there could be the person that ensures Ashley gets to make memories with her son, take him to the swings and be the mum she longs to be. You could stop someone dying unnecessarily. One in three people die waiting for a lung transplant, it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power to change this. By signing the organ donor register and telling friends and family about your wish you can help improve those odds.

As I checked on my sleeping children tonight, I thought of Ashley lying in her hospital bed unable to do this simple act. Unable to hold and comfort her baby, forced to love him from a distance. While she may not be able to achieve her wish right now, her heartbreaking tale is raising awareness, which means that Ashley has already left her mark on this world. Do something astonishing today, sign the organ donor register and you could one day be giving the greatest gift, the gift of life. #idonate #HopeForMoore

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