Dont believe the hype

I know that we haven’t even got Christmas out of the way yet but I am already at that point that I get to every year, where I am starting to dread New Years Eve. People have already started asking me ‘what are you doing New Years Eve?’, my answer is always ‘nothing, I hate New Years Eve’. I guess I don’t really hate it, I just hate the hype that surrounds it. People react like you’re a complete recluse if you decide not to go out and celebrate it. There is so much pressure to be doing something amazing so I would rather opt out of it.

Until having children I had been out every New Years Eve and I can honestly say that I have only had two really memorable New Years Eve nights. One was in my late teens crashing a party of a girl in the year above, it was fantastic, there was drinking (more than my sheltered self had seen before), dancing and a lot of midnight kissing, what more could you want from a NYE party. The second was in Vancouver, spent with my husband and good friends in a restaurant where we stayed all night eating, drinking, dancing and arguing with the waiter (you had to be there but imagine this ‘fun’ waiter bringing us and himself shots which you assume are free but then end up getting a massive bill for). The reasons the second night was so good (apart from the company, food and drink), was that it wasn’t over crowded or completely over priced (apart from those shots of course) and you didn’t have to queue for half an hour to get a drink. There lies the problem with New Years Eve, because if you choose to go out you pay extortionate prices to get in, queue for hours trying to get drinks and spend the night fighting the crowds. Maybe it’s because I am mentally a very old lady but that’s just not my idea of fun. I hate that you can go somewhere regularly but then on NYE suddenly the prices double, I feel like I am being taken for a ride. House parties can be fun but they need to be close to home because I like my own bed and hate long journeys home with drunk people (see my Emetophobia post). So I was glad when I had my children as they gave me the perfect excuse to stay at home, have a lovely meal and some fizz with my husband which might be a normal night in to some but it is a rarity these days due to long working hours. This will be my New Years Eve this year, quite uneventful but a perfect night for me.

New Years day on the other hand I love, I love the hope that comes with it, of a new beginning. The idea that you can start again, do things differently, be a better version of yourself and work towards something important. I don’t really tend to make New Years resolutions anymore but a report I found (source: University of Scranton , Journal of Clinical Psychology published 13.12.2012), stated that these were the top ten resolutions:

1- Lose Weight (I make this promise to myself most weeks)

2-Get Organised (the story of my life……lists, lists and more lists!)

3-Spend Less, Save Money (all good in theory but when there’s a dress you just have to have…….)

4-Enjoy Life to the Fullest (I try in my own way)

5-Stay Fit and Healthy (tried that, it didn’t really work)

6-Learn Something Exciting (I like this one a lot, I should try this one)

7-Quit Smoking (tick, did that in 2007)

8-Help Others in their Dreams (I don’t really believe that this is in the top ten and not sure how I can help others with their dreams but I could try)

9-Fall in Love (tick)

10-Spend More Time with Family (I am constantly trying with this one)

This means that most people reading this will be trying to do one of those things in 2014. Good luck, I really hope you achieve them but if you don’t well don’t be too hard on yourself there’s always next year.

I prefer to make a plan, I love making plans (plans, lists, oh and spreadsheets, yes I am just the epitome of fun) and in 2014 the plan is to buy a house, start trying to take beautiful pictures (Santa let it slip that he’d heard my subtle hints for a new proper camera) and continue writing, who knows maybe one day someone will like my writing enough to help me make a career out of it……a girl can dream.

I really hope that 2014 is the year that things get better for some of the people in my life. See you on the other side friends, Happy New Year!!!

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  1. NYE you knocked the nail on the head. Nothing like staying in with family, Sky plus and a bottle of fizz munching on Christmas left overs. NYE was always a disaster when I was younger. The most famous disaster was the NYE millennium. I decided to go into London and watch the fireworks with some funky, nutter friends. I ended up losing my friends and situated on the wrong side of the Thames, no trains, no money, no telephone signal and it was raining. I was sodden and had to get back to Hounslow. I was also working at noon on New Years Day. I somehow managed the journey home. My resolution for the new year was, “Never Again”.

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