Next please…..

I don’t believe I am fickle with regards to my affections but perhaps I am in other aspects of my life. When it comes to hobbys I fall in and out of love pretty quickly.

I have always felt that I should have a hobby and maybe that’s part of the problem, I put too much pressure on myself. I feel it should be something I would be proud of writing on my cv, something interesting. Reading chic lit, shopping (actually mainly window shopping these days), drinking Prosecco and watching tv don’t really cut it do they. Working in recruitment many many moons ago I used to see a few interesting ones like bungee jumping (not if you paid me £100k!!), triathlons (why would you want to punish yourself like that?) and travelling. Now travelling would be great (not the backpacking kind though, I do like my creature comforts) but with 2 young children and limited funds, travelling is not really on the cards right now. I dream of travelling to far away lands (often) but right now that is all it is, a dream and I’m not sure dreaming of travelling really counts.

As I’m a mum working from home I also feel that I am lacking in something interesting to talk about when I meet new people. Once I’ve talked about my kids (I could do this for hours but this could potentially bore the pants off the other person) and my job (which takes all of 3 minutes as it’s not really very interesting), then what am I to talk about? This is when having an interesting hobby would really come in handy.

I’ve always envied those people with a passion and a talent for something. I’ve never had that, actually that’s not strictly true. Dancing was my passion. As a young girl I used to dream of being a dancer, of being on the stage dancing. Ballet, tap, modern, country dancing, I loved it all but a comment by a dance teacher implying that I could never be a dancer because of my weight (which was average), knocked me down.  It sadly made me fall out of love with all things dance related. I was only 10 years old when that happened but I have always remembered. Who knows if I could have fulfilled that passion but very little exercise for a lot of years and a body that’s pretty unhappy with me after having to give birth twice, means that it’s too late for that. The desire for that is lost anyway. I did try tap about 3 years ago, brought the tap shoes, did one term, realised not only had my coordination vanished but my ability to learn and remember routines was non-existent.

So now what?

I briefly tried jewellery making, got all the kit, made one bracelet, got bored. Next was card making, got all the kit, made two cards, got bored. I love the idea of being crafty but in reality I am rubbish at all things crafty, I am certainly no Kirsty Allsopp.  I watched her Christmas show with the delight of a small child and wanted to make everything.  Actually not everything, not the tie dye knickers, they were just wrong, I’m not against tie die knickers in theory but making them from cheap knickers that will probably fall apart after the first wash really put me off. Baring in mind these are meant to be gifts for friends and family I am not sure there is anyone I dislike enough to give them to.  Instead of buying the die I would rather spend a few more pounds on the knickers thanks Kirsty. Anyway, I decided against making anything in the end, probably for the best.

I did Zumba for a couple of months, got bored. Joined the gym for a year……just cancelled my membership. Seems to be some kind of pattern forming……

I enjoy making cakes but my waist line couldn’t really cope with me making them every week. My writing of course is a hobby that I love. I’m totally amazed that over 1,100 people have already read my blog but as I have only been doing this for a couple of months I feel that I am still learning and exploring. That’s part of the fun of it but I do feel that in order to be a good writer you need to be pushing yourself more in life than I currently am.

So, the hobby of 2014 is photography. My husband got me a super duper digital SLR camera for christmas which I have absolutely no idea how to use.  I had a little practice on auto (see my starfish picture) but really want to be able to use it properly to take beautiful pictures.  So, I have taken the plunge and booked into a beginners class (thanks to the bargain price on Groupon). At the end of feb I will spend a morning in a photographic school, learning the basics and will hopefully have some pictures to show you in the future.

Who knows maybe this hobby will stick and if not I will keep searching. Maybe my hobby is starting new hobbys. It’s a bit like the buzz of starting a new relationship, it’s all new, mysterious and exciting. I throw myself whole heartedly into it and then realise that actually I’m just in love with the idea of it and not the reality……


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  1. Try stand up comedy as a hobby, this story alone could be a whole comedy routine. It certainly would be a good hobby making people laugh. I´d love to get up on stage with a bunch of amateur comedians, no pressure and be on a role. I think your photography hobby is a winner. Great picture.

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