Sugar Free September – Week 2 1/2

Life got in the way last week so apologises for my late post.  Week two has come to an end, week three is in full swing and I am surprisingly still sugar free! It seems to be becoming second nature to me now. I am not tempted at all and don’t crave sweet things like I used to, the way I eat has completely changed.  I ate out for lunch one day this week as I write reviews on kids menus for and it was fine, I just didn’t have a dessert (my daughter did).  I am feeling very positive and upbeat even with more things on my to do list than there are hours in the day.

I still haven’t completed any of the exercises that are part of the challenge but I walked 2 hrs on Monday and 45 mins on wed as well as taking part in my little girls first dance class. She was glued to me so I had no choice but to join in.

For breakfast I alternate between a banana omelette (with ginger and cinnamon), scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado, coconut milk yogurt with fruit and almond slices or occasionally I have my granola (No added sugar granola) with coconut milk and fruit.  I used to get up (between 6am and 7am) and immediately have a cup of tea and then breakfast.  Now I start the day with a big glass of water and then don’t have my breakfast (with my cup of tea) until around 8.30am.

Lunches are normally lentil Dahl soup, couscous with roasted veg, salad with avocado and sliced almonds or leftovers from the night before.

Dinners  have been gammon with masses of veg, chicken stir fry with brown rice, steak and salad, smoked haddock with stir fry veg, tuna steak with homemade bean salad or homemade chilli with brown rice.  I often have some fruit straight after.

You are not really meant to snack but I occasionally do with a handful of nuts, a coconut yogurt or a ‘raw bite’ bar which are delicious.  I’m trying to make this sustainable for me and to go from a grazer to only eating 3 meals has been difficult so I think a little snack every now and again won’t hurt.

I have lost another 2 lbs making me lighter than I’ve been in over two years.  I am shocked because I’ve been struggling with diets for the last two years, diets that have been hard work, diets that have left me hungry.

I will be coming back to you at the end of the month and right now I am a little nervous about this coming to an end.  While doing the challenge people will excuse the fact that I am not having a slice of cake or a dessert after dinner but in every day life its much harder to say no.  I know I shouldn’t have to come up with an excuse for people but its easier and better sometimes than coming across as a fussy eater or that you’re being difficult or boring.  Anyway I am not going to worry about that now, I will continue with the challenge and see where it takes me.


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