How do I teach my daughter to love the body she has when I don’t love mine…..

For as long as I can remember I have been fighting a battle with my body. To some that know me this might seem strange because I'm not exactly over weight. I am a size 10, an 8 on a very good day, I know that's not big but staying that size is not something... Continue Reading →

Next please…..

I don't believe I am fickle with regards to my affections but perhaps I am in other aspects of my life. When it comes to hobbys I fall in and out of love pretty quickly. I have always felt that I should have a hobby and maybe that's part of the problem, I put too much pressure on... Continue Reading →

Dont believe the hype

I know that we haven't even got Christmas out of the way yet but I am already at that point that I get to every year, where I am starting to dread New Years Eve. People have already started asking me 'what are you doing New Years Eve?', my answer is always 'nothing, I hate New... Continue Reading →

One Leg or Two?

My children changed nurseries about 6 months ago and I was both surprised and pleased when I discovered that this nursery have some special needs children.  They have one child who has a sensory need, one child with a speech and language delay, one child with complex needs who has a one to one support worker,... Continue Reading →

Can I get excited yet?

I am sure you have noticed perusing the aisles of your local shops that it's started already. It seems to get earlier every year and while the ‘bah humbugs’ out there have been moaning and pointing out all the bad bits about the festive season, I’m beginning to feel all warm inside. I love Christmas,... Continue Reading →

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